Links to Israeli Dance Websites
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Israeli Dance Sites

Israelidances.com - A huge resource for israeli dance information.

Israeli dancing from around the world - News and info from around the world

Israeli Dance - Toronto -

Israeli Dancing - Netherlands -

Israeli Dancing - Paris - (site in French and English) Information about dancing in France

Israeli Folkdance in Budapest -

Israeli Folkdance in Stuttgart, Germany -

Ariel Cohen's Page - Jerusalem -


Rikuday Dor Rishon - A group dedicated to preserving and perpetuating the first generation of dances from Israel.

Rokdim - Rokdim is a known source for Israeli dance music, videos, and the Rokdim magazine.

Other Links

Bat Amanoot - Online dance articles

Hebrew Songs - Translations and music samples for hundreds of hebrew songs

Hora Or - (in French) The Hora Or dance ensemble

Jewish Humor - a site of jokes, hosted by David Minkoff in the UK


Hora Entertainment -

"Mechola" Dance Center - Jerusalem -

Dance Teacher Websites

Click here for websites associated to dance teachers